Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Running in Luxembourg Gardens

The tropical drizzle weeds away the, gotta-burn-those-champagne-calories joggers from the regulars.

Today I thought I'd run counterclockwise.  Most people do.   I see myself coming around the senate where  the Maiollol nude stands guard next to the gendarme. There, la tour Montparnasse disappears into the mist beyond the circular reflection pool where kids use long sticks to push wooden sailboats on windy days.  It's the same at the Tuilleries. You know those stiff pointillism paintings by Serat, kids pushing colorful toy boats near the Louvre.  The Tulleries is a dust bowl, Luxembourg is a dust bowl.  I'm glad it's drizzling.

The pre-autum haze is a pale yellow light and smells like must and fallen leaves.  Horse chestnuts litter the ground, no kids are there to collect them. It's too early.

But instead of running counterclockwise I lay in the bed, it's wednesday, there's no school.  Ugh! another day away from the studio at least I can sleep in once in a blue moon.

What I need to do is run the round and take notes of the sculptures. The Pan behind the reflecting pool, the ode to Delacroix near the orangerie and the various busts.  The MC in my book needs to know them by heart.

Let's start the coffee.


  1. What a lovely, descriptive write! I can almost see it...Well, if I had any idea what they looked like. I'm off to check google!

    I'm back. What a fantastic place!

  2. Hi Lee, it's one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris.
    Thanks for stopping by