Thursday, 18 August 2011

David Lebowitz' post on Parisian Apps

I subscribe to David Lebowitz food blog. He's an incredible writer and has some amazing books out. He lives here in Paris.  Anyone living or traveling to Paris should read his blog post on Paris Apps for smartphones.  I'ts incredible.  I love the one Find Chocolate and Whizzer that gives a user friendly account of restrooms in Paris including a cleanliness rating.

Here's the link

David Lebowitz on Parisian Apps for smartphones

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Suzie Townsend's live chat on WriteOnCon

This >>  Suzie Townsend<< is the link to  Suzie Townsend's live chat QandA  at

With such great conference happening it is hard to sleep or write.

The two week hiatus from the studio and blogging gave me the time to commence the new story that has been bouncing around my brain.  The idea finally circled in my head when I walking down Boulevard Montparnasse near La Rotonde thinking about Georges Sand.  I didn't have any paper or my eyeglasses with me so wrote some basic notes on my phone.  The story is about an artist that comes to Paris who gets into terrible trouble but I'm being vague on purpose.  I've been inspired by Bill Cameron's prose in County Line though the slang bothers me and by Victoria Lindt Schmidt's Story Structure Architect and by Claire Kehrwald Cook's Line by Line.   This last one is funny to read because it is pre-computer, only twenty years ago.  It's helped my sentence structure immensely.