Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Piece of Cake

Wouldn' t you just dream to have a workspace like this? 
It's where I get to play all day.  I love it, absolutely love it.  One of the best things about the space, is that there is no internet.  At first I was worried but after three weeks of creative freedom and high productivity I am pleased.

Sometimes I feel like I am icing a cake.

I can't post this stuff on my other blog that is reserved just for paintings because there are three live feeds that pull the photos for painter related websites.

Way back in 2008 I got too much hate mail so decided to impersonalize my blog posting.  Even though my blog had been chosen by a travel  website as one to follow, I decided to let it die.  That was my Vagabond artist blog

When I started this blog I felt it should be specifically oriented towards writing. I love writing but there's more in my life than that.  And it seemed too much like brown nosing for a platform.  I was doing the right thing, building a platform.

Paris is awesome in August.  So few people are here. Lots of cool people hanging out in Luxembourg Gardens, they're easy to spot.  Not so stuffy.  This August I met an Australian-French couple and their kids.  She's a cellist and he is an orchestra conductor.  We see them this afternoon if all the kids follow our schedules, right!

Just yesterday I met a professor of writing classes from Harvard.

September is another story: la rentrée.  Eeeks, stress! Schools starts.  All the classical moms are back with their kids dressed in grey, beige and light blue. The chocolate shops display giant pencils, black boards and satchels all made of solid dark chocolate.

For me, la rentrée means blissful studio time.  My work is my pleasure.  I can't wait until Tuesday to go ice that canvas with gobs of oil paint.  To dust it with spray paint and to work on the 4th first draft of that memoir.  The lump that is weighing down the hammock.  

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