Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I déjà see it

Franglais is a true bastard language.  

"That's a fish?"  asked Cherie.  "I déjà see it."

"You already saw it." I corrected her.

"I alweady see it."

"Where did you see it?"

"At the boucher."

"I love it when you say boucher. Can you say it again? No, but listen Love,  the boucher sells meat, this is a tuna head, it's a kind of fish." 

"But, you know, the butcher had it.  Moi, je l'ai déjà see it, with the flowers."

"You mean at the market?  Did you see it at the market?"

"Yes maman, with papa."

"The man that sells fish at the market is called a fishmonger.   Don't ask me who invented that word."



written for the prompt déjà vu on GBE 2: Blog On


  1. That fish head is freaky!! LOL Especially since it seems bigger than the dog.


  2. Hi Kathy, it's a real tuna head and probably could have eaten my dog. My neighbors fished it.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. "I déjà see it." Wow!

    Loved the post

  4. Very cool post! :)