Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Noah Lukeman

Today I began Noah Lukeman’s The Plot Thickens.  It has been on my bookshelf for almost a year while I’ve read other books on writing craft.  His book The First Five Pages was the first that I read and had to put down to absorb when I came to the chapter on poetry.  

I needed to find some poetry in English but then life got in the way and a bad writing teacher turned me off to writing all together.  I’m happy I set down the manuscript I’m writing because, after six months when I read the first ninety pages I’d drafted, I realized it was worth continuing.   

Lukeman’s books on craft are gushing wells of information that every writer should keep, consult and peek through.  The Plot Thickens is nothing like I imagined it would be, its full of questions, it is an inquisition.  I needed this book as I know my characters were flat.  Do I really know my characters?  After starting The Plot Thickens, I can say no, I don’t. 

Thanks, Noah Lukeman

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