Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to Become a Parisian

Last night I went for the second time to see Olivier Giraud perform his one man show: How to Become Parisian in One Hour.  Its fucking racist and vulgar, terribly politically incorrect and the audience loves it. Loves his abuse.

The first time I saw it was two years ago, when ticket prices were ten Euro.  It was the last show of the season.  He looked tired but was more passionate, perhaps it was because of the last showing or maybe it was that gorgeous singer that preceded his performance.  Maybe, he's done it too long, without renewing the jokes or maybe he was conscious  of the cameraman.

It is amazing, though, when you leave the theatre and everything he says comes true, from la geule de le garçon to the guy that tries to sell you flowers while you try to attract a waiter's attention.

He says he's going to go on tour.  But where?  If he went to the states and told those racist "jokes" he'd probably get shot walking out of the theatre.

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