Saturday, 10 September 2011 an upbeat vibe

I've written fiction for years but recently decided to get serious.  Last year I wrote 145 pages of a memoir then it dead-ended.  I was busy painting and just sticking my finger in the publishing world pie was too overwhelming.  Then through lurking on last April I discovered Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds blog and Janet Reid's Query Shark.

I realized why my memoir sucked so badly after reading through the archives of QS.  I still have to read half the archives.  Then the frontal brassy language and opinions that Chuck Wendig offers to the cyber world made me want to speak out.  He's gutty.  I think many people are inspired by him.  After reading some of the #fridayflash entries.

Now after months of lurking agents' blogs, writers' forums, agencies' blogs and after reading some good books— Up to date ones—  I have found Inkygirl and through her #amwriting.  The cyberworld is infinite.  It takes time to find what you like.  And as I know from painting for over 25 years that it takes time to decide what you like to do and the methods of how to do it.

Inky girl— Alias Debbie Ridpath Ohi, resonates with me more than everything I've seen so far.  She's upbeat, positive and obviously enjoying her life, her success and is offering good things to those who want to take it.

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