Wednesday, 26 November 2014

grafitti in china

Check out this gorgeous plate.
courtesy of EDGE

 I would travel to China just to buy a set of these. 

The writer Matthew Nieder was has a wonderful post about the Meeting of Styles where the banks of the river were allowed to be graffed. 

And here is an article from 2008.  Appharently chinese collectors do not consider street art investable.  Well twenty years ago in Paris they didn't  either.   After  years of it in your face, things have changed.

In Taidong there is a whole block of graffed buildings, part of an urban project, perhaps something like the mairie of the 13th arrondissemet in Paris. You can see more on Flikr

All I can say to the Chinese graffers is to keep at it.  In twenty years there will be a new generation of rich who will most likely be fighitng over your work.

Tastes change but urban art is a world wide movement that can't be stopped.

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