Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Street Art in the fifth arrondissement of Paris

This is Invader, I think. It's a mosaic made from bathroom tiles, somehow applied to the facade of buildings.  I haven't read the laws yet on street art in France but from what I've heard something applied cannot be punished because it's not permanent.  I'd love to get this off the wall and hang it in my house but look where it is.

The fruit stand on Rue Mouffetard is just below this little roof.  I don't think I'll be jumping up there anytime soon with fresh strawberries in my sac.

 Now look at this street sign. See anything funny?
What about that no entry sign?

This also is applied, just black plastic cut out and stuck on.  A French artist living in Florence named Clet Abraham does these.   I'm not sure if this is his, looks like it.
Rue Pascal and Rue Claude Bernard.

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