Sunday, 30 March 2014

French Election street art

The workshop and pitch session organised by Tioka from SCWBI France was awesome.  What a treat  to speak one on one with amazing Jessica Regel.  So elegant a woman.

She gave me great insight and has inspired me deeply...  I'm not sure how much I should tell about my project. 

Here is a photo from place Saint Medard.  The nationwide adminsitrative elections will be decided today.  As you can see any occasion is worthy to tag, especially these official election affiche plastering a construction site wall.

The ten month hiatus from my main writing project brought a clarity of mind that I didn't have before.  I guess I can thank all those events that blocked me from pushing the project, like chewing on a Carambar that sticks your teeth together. I hate Carambar.

But check out this: Good Luck Carambar

Marketing madness, what dorky jokes. I guess the French accent makes the deal.

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