Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wice in Paris and manuscript lengths

Today I start the five day marathon at the GMAC - Grand Marche d'Art Contemporain at the Bastille in Paris.  Today is for hanging but tomorrow visitors come and I'll be there for 11 hours then only 9 hours for the following four days.  I'll be happy when it's finished.  It feels good to prepare for a show and finally hang it and sell paintings.

Then I start the first course at Wice.  It is a gift to myself to help me organize and finish the manuscript White Sky in Paris.  Seven dates with Dr. Gretel Furner who offers  Writing the Migrant Soul.  I am a migrant soul.

When the show is over I can concentrate on the write1sub1 shorts and start planning that other story about  time travel that has circled in my head.  I realized after reading a post on Querytracker blog that each story has it's length and should organically reach its length.  This makes sense to me as a painter.  Each painting plays itself out and forcing it into something is always artificial.  One brush stroke can change the whole tone of the painting and even kill it.  

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