Sunday, 31 July 2011

County Line - by Bill Cameron and recent reads

The mail came last week and among the pile was County Line.  Since seeing the book represented on Janet Reid's blog, I've wanted to read it.

The last few books were Carol Shields Unless that I had to put down because it was too melancholy. not that I don't like melancholy but because I was flying to Florence to get divorced I needed something more upbeat.  That didn't happen because Susanna Tamaro's Per Sempre, that sold over 100K copies in one month, was what the book dealer recommended.  Introspective to say it in one word but just reading, no devouring, a book in Italian gave me a rush.  The Stephen King's Misery was what I lugged around the airport on the return to Paris.  I'm still digesting it but the aftertaste is me thinking of how magnificently he creates the psychosis of the writer and his capturer  as if they are one person.

Bill Cameron's writing requires close attention, at least from me.  I find myself going back to read to understand his word choice. It's unusual.  What I like so far is the complete avoidance of he said, she said.  There is lots to learn from Mr. Cameron,  I think I'm addicted.

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