Saturday, 18 June 2011

For a New Italy

The article in the economist Oh for a new risorgimento by John Prideaux is the most realistic and less opinionated view about contemporary Italy than anything that has been said in a long time.  

I hate to talk politics but this is worth reading, especially for anyone that think's Italy is the place of their dreams.  My story Planting Onions also talks of the Italian malessere.

Why are so many people leaving the country?  After visiting Florence last week, the abandon for hope that Italians have developed is devastating to witness.  I remember when Florence was hopping with enthusiasm but the poor political management of the last twenty years has left Italy in a chronic crisis where work is hard to come by and poorly paid.  John Prideaux has summed it up.  Bruno Bozzetto shows it at the end this video.

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